5 Tips to Save Money on Gas

The price of gas is a frequent topic of discussion, especially these days when you never know how much the cost will go up. Need some tips to save money on gas?

1. Use technology. There are several apps and websites that can help you find the cheapest gas in your area. Gas Buddy is a free app that will look up the gas stations in any given area and tell you which ones are the cheapest. Local Gas Prices (use no follow) is another handy app option.

2. Remove excess weight. Do you tend to lug things around in your trunk that you don’t actually need? Drop those golf clubs off at home! The extra weight can reduce your mileage, forcing you to fill up more often.

3. Avoid idling. If you know you’re going to be waiting for a while, turn your engine off. Idling uses up gas without getting you anywhere, so avoid it when you can! On the flip side, turning your car off and on too often isn’t a great idea either. Let’s find that happy medium!

4. Slow down. That’s right, get your foot off that gas pedal! Every car has a different sweet spot, but for most cars, driving over 50mph decreases fuel efficiency. Driving slower can save you up to 30% on gas usage, so stay within the speed limits and you’ll see an improvement on how often you have to fill up.

5. Get regular car maintenance. Believe it or not, your car could be costing you money. Old tires, clogged filters, and malfunctioning parts can cause your car’s engine to have to “pull” harder to work. This uses more gas than needed and adds up at the gas pump. Getting new tires or having your air and gas filters changed regularly can help you save money in the long run as well as keep your car running more smoothly.

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The price at the pump is high, but these are a few ways to make it less painful. Tuck in your wallet and buckle up. We hope these tips help you save money on gas this year. Have a great trip!

Image source: Forbes

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