"Saving and reducing debt can be hard, but SaveUp helps people achieve these goal in a fun and innovative way."
Nancy Register, National Director of America Saves

Is it really free?

Other rewards programs require you to spend large sums of money to earn points, or lock you into specific financial products with annual fees.

This is made possible through partnerships with banks, credit unions, and human resource providers. Additionally, sponsors cover the costs of some of the prizes.

Read our story for details.

How to earn credits

redeem credits for chances to win prizes

  • Earn 1 credit for every:
  • $1 added to savings / 401K / IRA
  • $1 loan / mortgage payment
  • $2 credit card payment
  • $1 increase in checking account
    average daily balance over one month
  • Earn additional credits:
  • 200
    Link an account
    first five accounts
  • 10
    Answer a profile question
  • 30
    Watch an educational video
    after passing quiz