SaveUp's Story

Early on, SaveUp™ founders noticed that virtually all Americans are still working towards the dream of financial independence: rebuilding savings and paying off debt. Personal finance can be lonely and frustrating. Perhaps what everyone needed was fun and motivation to be financially successful.

SaveUp’s unique approach is based on Prize-Linked Savings, meaning: rewarding positive financial behavior with the opportunity to earn products and win large cash prizes, all while getting discounts on everyday expenditures. With prize drawings that are registered nationally and in all 50 states, SaveUp rewards savings and debt payoff by giving the chance to win up to $2 Million in cold hard cash.

Founded in 2010 by two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Priya Haji and Sammy Shreibati, SaveUp created the first free nationwide rewards program. By partnering with major consumer brands, SaveUp gives members the opportunity to win exciting and life-changing prizes for performing everyday positive financial activities. In 2015, SaveUp was purchased by entrepreneur Paul J. Burt and moved to his hometown of Lake Forest, Illinois. SaveUp is expected to grow exponentially in the next two years with unique partners in various vertical industries, combined with exciting new product offerings.

Meet Our Team

Paul J. Burt

Owner, CEO and Executive Chairman

For the past 25 years, Paul has consistently been a forward-thinking leader and pioneer of technology developments in the human resource space. In 1995, Paul founded an employee benefits technology company that still successfully provides outsourcing for HR departments in the Fortune 1000 arena. Paul purchased SaveUp in 2015 with the vision to offer a first-to-market program that combines financial and health wellness solutions with Prize-Linked incentives. With his foresight into B2B solutions combined with visionary industry automation, Paul will again redefine the future and delivery of employee benefits.

Aaron Phillips


An alumni of Northwestern University, Aaron began his career on Wall Street working for the prestigious banking firm Credit Suisse before leaving to begin his journey launching and refining business units within larger companies, the most notable of which was Groupon. Aaron was instrumental in the launching and growth of the Groupon Goods unit, making it the company's most profitable vertical. Aaron brings his wealth of product knowledge and keen operational expertise to guide SaveUp into the future.

Sean Robinson

Vice President, Operations and Analytics

Sean earned his degree in economics at the University of Chicago before immersing himself in the field of consumer analytics. He has spent his career leveraging data to build and enhance programs across a wide variety of industries including telecommunications, financial services, and consumer rewards. The deep insights Sean is able to provide allows SaveUp to empower their members to make the best financial decision for their futures.

Ken Gass

Vice President, Technology and Development

After graduating from Southern Illinois University, Ken spent a decade developing custom web applications for the financial firm AMF Funds. Currently, Ken spends his days coordinating the activities of the SaveUp development team as they work together to leverage a wide array of cutting-edge technologies in order to deliver a first-rate experience to SaveUp's participants.

David Sloane

Vice President, Human Resources

David earned his BS in HR from the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. He has spent the past 16+ years working in various HR roles with several well known organizations (including CNN/Turner Broadcasting and Groupon). David's deep expertise as an HR Partner, combined with the business acumen he’s developed throughout his career have provided him with the right perspective to develop and drive a comprehensive People strategy at SaveUp that will serve to foster a culture of engaged, high-performing team members who are committed to delivering maximum value to our clients and members.