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One question we sometimes hear from our members is, “do people actually win the big prizes on SaveUp?” For those who’ve only won credits or smaller amounts of money so far, we hope you don’t give up! This blog post is dedicated to spreading the word of our big winners to help encourage our members. We recently reached out to a few of our big winners and asked them to share their insight!

– “I have only played SaveUp for a short time and have won a total of three times!!! Not only is it fun, but winning fifty dollars here and there sure makes it worth while! Definitely keep playing!!!!” Kelly D., won $210 total

– “I was skeptical and always wondered if anyone actually won. I kept playing mainly for the fun. I was surprised when I did win but still wondered if I would receive my prize. I did receive my prize within the time frame given. One note; I recently read somewhere on the site that there is an average of 8 cash winners per day. With thousands playing daily, it may take a long time – for me it was about a year – but I can guarantee SaveUp is totally legit.” Shari C., won $250

– “I’ve been using SaveUp for months now and love it. Even better is when I’m rewarded for saving money. I monitor it daily and play all my points each time. I’ve won enough money, 3 times, to pay my electric bill. It pays to play so keep playing and saving!” Renee B., won $310 total

– “SaveUp is a great idea and a real incentive to better manage personal finances. Winning was a big surprise to me, since I went so long playing without any real reward, but I did win, and really appreciate this app.” Matt E., won $500

– “I LOVE SaveUp. I usually do not win at any type of drawings, but for some reason I have been very lucky with SaveUp. It is easy to participate and so rewarding to win. I encourage everyone to give it a try. I love that credit union employees can participate. I think it motivates them to save money and pay down debt. Thanks so much for reminding me about my 4 wins – it makes me feel so lucky!!!” Lea S., won $520 total

– “Winning on SaveUp is very possible. Just have faith and play as often as you can. It’s fun, easy and believe me, you can win.” Nashieka H., won $560 total

– “I love playing the games on SaveUp and I actually never expected that I would ever win until I received an email to claim my prize. This is so awesome, I received my check in the mail today…..thank you so much! Real people DO WIN!” Sareesce G., won $1,000 (click to see picture)

– “I play SaveUp each morning as part of my daily routine. It took a while to win the first time, but if you stick with it, you will be rewarded—both in prizes and in better financial practices.” Amy S., won $1,475 total

– “To those who maybe don’t think some of the bigger payouts ever happen—this is to tell you that they actually do. Got a wonderful check in the mail for having fun playing a game and working at paying down my credit card. You talk about the old win/win.” Don H., won $5,000 (click to read press release)

– “Just to let you know that I received the check today! Too cool 🙂 I’ve attached a picture. Hope it helps other members to realize that real people do win.” Michelle W., won $5,000 (click to see picture)

For more information about our big winners, please visit our FAQ, Do people actually win the larger prize amounts? For a list of quotes by our recent winners, feel free to check out the Winners section on our website. Lastly, we publish #WinnerWednesday posts on our Facebook page weekly, and you can check out the album here.

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– Your friends at SaveUp

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