Winner Wednesday: Debt-Free’s the Way to Be

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Kerry-M-2This Winner Wednesday, we want to highlight Kerry M., the winner of our No Spend Challenge. Kerry won the $5k grand prize and was kind enough to share about her financial journey with us.

Kerry’s Story

Kerry says she had recently paid off ALL her credit card debt, and the No Spend Challenge helped her stay on track: “I just finished paying off LOTS of credit card debt in December (Merry Christmas to me!). I did have to use my card on a couple of days for reimbursable expenses for work, but other than that I enjoyed my new-found credit-card-debt-free status!” 

What’s Next?

Now that she’s done with credit card debt, her main financial goal for 2013 is to save up an emergency fund for unexpected expenses.

So what is she going to do with her prize? First, she’s going to treat herself to a little reward for paying off her debt, “Well I still haven’t celebrated paying off my credit card debt (which took 5 years!!) so first I’m going to treat me and my boyfriend to a nice fancy dinner. After that, some of the money will be stashed away for future travel and the rest responsibly tucked away in the emergency fund.”

Her Best Tips

Kerry’s also got some great tips for any others working to pay off their debt; “Keep at it! It took 5 years to pay off my debt. Make a commitment to not rack up more debt, and pay way more than minimum payment.  I remember the moment when I saw on SaveUp that my total saved was more than my total debt. It felt so good.”

We hope Kerry’s story is encouraging as you continue on your own financial journey, and we hope her tips help you SaveUp!

This post was written by Euna Kim from the SaveUp team.

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