Want to Learn How to Save? Get a Mentor: Blogger Interview with The Jenny Pincher

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If you are young and learning about money or if you have made some mistakes in the past and are now making changes to live a happier and healthier financial life, Jenny from The Jenny Pincher wants you to know that you aren’t alone. 

Talking with others helps you learn

Jenny loves receiving emails from readers and sharing her story with others, and she actually encourages it. “I get a lot of stories from women who feel hopeless and like they are in a no win situation. I tell them that the fact they are seeking information and help means they are on the right track.” Jenny loves interacting with readers and she likes being a resource to help other women learn to be financially responsible. The Jenny Pincher is a place that smart women go to defeat debt.

If you are down and out, you can get up

Jenny first started blogging in 2006 as an outlet for her thoughts and frustration after she was laid off from her job. Blogging gave Jenny something to work towards on the long days of her new job hunt.

The Jenny Pincher was born because she was frustrated that there was no information for single women. Jenny didn’t like the fact that the majority of financial blogs were focused on families and readers had to adjust all the advice for their single income household – so she decided to do something about it. “I figured there had to be more women out there like me who wanted information, but didn’t have a family. I started the blog hoping other women would find what I had to say useful.”

When Jenny first started blogging she admittedly had no idea what she was doing, but she stayed focused and now seven years later she has a very successful personal finance blog. “I had no idea what I was doing when I started. I just kept at it and taught myself everything I know.”

Saving on a regular basis is good advice

If Jenny can give one piece of advice to readers it’s to continuously save no matter what you do. “I think saving money every month should come first.” Saving money on a regular basis ensures that people secure their financial future. When people save money and have a financial safety net they don’t need to rely on credit if an emergency should come up.

If Jenny could go back and give her younger self a piece of financial advice it would be, “Not to worry so much about my social life and put at least half of that money away for later.”

Start saving with some help

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This post was written by Tahnya Kristina, a Certified Financial Planner and professional financial writer. She enjoys helping people manage their daily finances and become debt free. You can follow her on Twitter @TahnyaKristina.