Setting Your Financial Priorities: Blogger Interview with Young Finances

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LaTisha Styles started Young Finances in December 2010. She had just graduated with a degree in Finance, but found herself without a job. When she can’t get what she wanted, Styles created the opportunity. She couldn’t find a job right out of college, so she started a blog as a way to earn an income. Styles put her Finance degree to work and gained valuable experience that she could later leverage. Early the next year Styles found a full time position in her field. She started building her career in Finance, already a successful blogger.

Doing What You Love: Blogger Interview with Jim Wang of Microblogger

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blogger-interview-microbloggerYou may know Jim from Bargaineering where he helps people find the lowest savings and credit rates on the market as well as learn to make smart financial choices, starting with setting and living on a budget.

Wang recently started his new project Microblogger because he wanted to share everything he learned from the success of Bargaineering. He started Bargaineering in 2005 to keep track of everything he was learning about money and personal finance. Now he shares all of that knowledge with bloggers and financial hopefuls everywhere on Microblogger.

Making Positive Changes: Blogger Interview with Luke Landes of Consumerism Commentary

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blogger-interview-luke-landes-consumerism-commentary“Writing on Consumerism Commentary saved my financial life.” – Luke Landes of

Luke Landes started his blog Consumerism Commentary in July 2003 and has been playfully interacting with readers ever since. Landes was in debt and looking for a way to learn more about managing his money wisely. He wanted to make changes in his personal financial situation and his spending habits, but didn’t know how to start. Luke started his blog as a way to hold himself accountable for all of his day-to-day spending choices from buying his morning coffee to eating out for dinner. 

Turning Over a New Leaf: Blogger Interview with Prairie Eco-Thrifter

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Miss T. started Prairie Eco-Thrifter in 2009 as a weekend project, and since then it has become a major part of her life, or even a way of life. Choosing to live an eco-friendly lifestyle is a choice, and one that more people should make. So often people get caught up in the hustle of their daily lives that they forget to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy life. After all, that’s what life is all about – doing what you love and being happy.

Make sure your finances make you happy

“It’s been said that a person needs three things to live a satisfying and balanced life: something to do, someone to love and something to hope for. This motto is really what I live by,” says Miss T.  “Feeling this way is the only way to find true happiness – the greatest gift of all.”

Girls, Get Saving! Blogger interview with Ginger from Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

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Historically, women have been in the home taking care of the family while men have been out in the working world making money, but Ginger from Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is here to tell us that times are changing.

Ginger is the founder and owner of the popular women’s focused personal finance blog Girls Just Wanna Have Funds. She started blogging in 2003, but didn’t always write about money. In 2007 Ginger started blogging about personal finance because she wanted to connect with other women who struggled with understanding their own money. 

Save, Save, Save: Blogger Interview with Caryn Effron of Go Girl Finance

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A few years ago, Caryn Effron was helping her mother re-balance her investment portfolio after a divorce, and she realized how uncomfortable women are when it comes to the topic of money.  She discovered that “women make decisions about money in the context of their lives as opposed to making transactional decisions about money for money’s sake,” and that’s how Go Girl Finance was born.

Sharing the Knowledge: Blogger Interview with Money Crashers

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Andrew started blogging professionally with Money Crashers in 2008. Since then he was able to leave his full time job and help people manage their money wisely through blogging. “Readers contact us all the time looking for personal finance tips,” says Andrew, and the team at Money Crashers is always willing to help. After all, that’s what personal finance is all about – learning about money and sharing your experience with others. 

Budgeting Ain’t Easy: Blogger Interview with Budget and the Beach

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If you’ve ever wondered why your budget just never seems to stick, it’s probably because you just need more time to get used to the idea, according to Tonya from Budget and the Beach.  Tonya started her personal finance blog just over a year ago so that she could be more accountable for her financial decisions. She also loves to write and needed a creative outlet to express herself – that’s how Budget and the Beach was born in May of 2012. 

Fearless with Your Life & Responsible with Your Money: Blogger Interview with L Bee & the Money Tree

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Do you avoid trying new things because you are afraid? Do you feel like you miss out on things because you don’t want to venture into the unknown? Maybe you just need a little more motivation. Meet Lauren from L Bee and the Money Tree.

If you want to think about your finances as a fun hobby and as a way to help you start enjoying life, then Lauren is your girl.

Inspiration to get your money together

Lauren started blogging regularly in 2012 after she left big city life in NYC to move to the south. Some people may wonder why, but Lauren has never looked back – and her finances are thankful. “I leveraged my blog into a job as a copy writer and social media specialist. Now I get freelance work and have a lot more control over my life and career than when I was an actor and secretary in the city.”

Learn About Starting Your Dream Business: Blogger Interview with Careful Cents

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If you want to quit your job and follow your dream of being self-employed doing something that you love, then take a page from the Careful Cents handbook. Carrie at Careful Cents helps go-getters, entrepreneurs and freelancers learn to organize their finances and create their dream business. When your money is in order, and you are happy with your job, it just seems that everything falls into place – let Carrie help you create your dream life, both personally and financially.