My Money, Your Money, Our Money: Interview with Jeff Rose

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” I want my kids to have positive money habits as they grow up.  I realize that they’re only going to adopt those habits if I teach them.” – Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose is a financial planner by day and one half of a successful online entrepreneurship by night.  Mandy Rose is his wife and business partner. You may remember we featured her story a few weeks ago.  This is the other side of the Rose Family story.

Jeff started his blog in the summer of 2008 as a way to market his financial services firm.  Since then he has conquered the online world with a bang.  Jeff’s resume milestones include publishing a personal finance book called Soldier of Finance as well as running several successful online businesses.

This is the story of how Jeff and Mandy make their marriage work and their business successful, together.

Turn your hobby into an income as a couple

Jeff started his blog Good Financial Cents around the same time Mandy started her blog, House of Roses.  Jeff wanted to build a resource for people to obtain information on wealth management and financial planning.  Mandy wanted to document the growth of their family and the best way to do it was through her blog.  The couple quickly realized blogging means more than just having a blog, it was a way to earn extra income.  Their blogs became an online business.

After their individual online success the couple decided to team up and in 2011 they launched Dollars and Roses. Their site tells the story of how the Rose Family turned their blogging hobby into a successful online business.  “It’ shows others how to start a blog, and how to make extra money with it.” says Jeff  The site is pretty cool in that they even share their monthy income and expenses with the community so everyone can learn.

When you have a family your money will change

Since getting married in 2004 and becoming a father Jeff’s relationship with money has definitely changed.  “Prior to me getting married, I was very irresponsible with my money.  I hardly ever saved.”  Being a family man has changed his priorities from living off credit to planning for the future.

“Getting married to my beautiful wife was a huge benefit for many reasons, one of which is her helping me see that my relationship with money was unhealthy.”  The Rose Family works together to achieve their family financial goals.  Two of their biggest accomplishments were paying off Jeff’s debt and building their emergency savings fund.  Sometimes it just takes the love from that special someone help you achieve financial freedom.

Think about going into business together

Jeff and Mandy Rose are living proof that couples can be happy at home and run a successful business together.  “Going into business with your spouse can be a whole lot of fun” says Jeff.  “But it brings on a whole new set of challenges” he admits.

Jeff and Mandy are partners in their online endeavors but they work completely separately.  Mandy works from home while Jeff goes out to his office.  This helps the couple focus on work and be productive without household talk getting in the way.

That’s really the key admits Jeff.  The couple keeps their business life separate from their family life “When we do get away for a couple’s night out, we talk about other stuff than just business.”

Love and hate comes with a good money relationship

The Rose Family makes their money work and you can too.  “My best money advice for young couples is to have the battle buddy conversation.”  This is a term Jeff uses in his book, Soldier of Finance.  A battle buddy is a person who supports you in absolutely everything, but who’s also not afraid to use tough love when needed.

“When my wife and I got married, she used tough love to help me break some of my bad money habits.”  Couples should talk about their money: the good, the bad and the ugly.  Take a page from The Rose Family and help each other achieve your financial.


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