Learn About Starting Your Dream Business: Blogger Interview with Careful Cents

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If you want to quit your job and follow your dream of being self-employed doing something that you love, then take a page from the Careful Cents handbook.  Carrie at Careful Cents helps go-getters, entrepreneurs and freelancers learn to organize their finances and create their dream business. When your money is in order, and you are happy with your job, it just seems that everything falls into place – let Carrie help you create your dream life, both personally and financially. 

Following your dream

Carrie started blogging in 2011; she had just recently quit her long time job as a small business accountant to be 100% self-employed. Every single day Carrie helps people follow their own dreams and start their own businesses.  She says that the secret to being self-employed is not about having a product or service, it’s all about saving money and making a plan to make it happen.

Taking the plunge isn’t easy, and takes some careful planning: “A reader recently emailed me about the opportunity to move to France for a new job, but she’s afraid of taking the leap because she needs to sell her home, all her belongings and live in a foreign country. Once I spoke with her, I was able to help her create a plan to sell her house properly, and save up money to be comfortable enough in case any bad financial scenarios happen. This week she gave her two-week notice and is prepping her house for the move!”

Creating a new financial future

After going through a divorce, Carrie found herself down on her luck and in debt. But she didn’t want to dwell on her financial woes and allow her debt to consume her, so she decided to take control of her finances.

“After the divorce I couldn’t afford a very nice place to live, since I was trying to get back on my feet financially. So I rented out a small apartment in a not-so-good neighborhood because the rent was affordable and close to my work. One night there was a drive-by shooting, and that’s when I knew I had to get my finances in order, so I could get out of that place!”

Making saving as easy as possible

Not everyone likes to save money because spending money is obviously a lot more fun.  But if you want to start your own business, you need to have the money to support the career change financially. Carrie from Careful Cents doesn’t consider herself to be an avid saver, she considers herself to be a conscious spender.  If we spend less, we can save more, and that’s the best (and simplest) financial advice we can ever give.

Carrie has different accounts for different savings goals that she puts money into every week. “I create automatic savings withdrawals that I allot for in my monthly budget. Since it transfers out of my account without me having to think about it, I can reach my savings goals faster. It’s important to pay myself first — especially if I want to have enough money to travel.”

If you want to become self-employed, then start actively planning–not tomorrow, not next month, do it right now. SaveUp can help you get started–play for the $50,000 Start Your Business prize for free, and start getting rewarded for building good financial habits.

Profile PicThis post was written by Tahnya Kristina, a Certified Financial Planner and professional financial writer. She enjoys helping people manage their daily finances and become debt free. You can follow her on Twitter @TahnyaKristina.