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Brock became the featured writer at Clever Dude in April of 2013. Brock and his wife have always been OK at managing their day to day finances, but they weren’t doing anything to prepare for their long term goals. Writing at Clever Dude gave Brock and his wife a healthy outlet to stay accountable and actionable on what’s happening with their family finances.

Brock and his wife live happily ever after with their money by following four simple rules:

Stay accountable for your money together

When it comes to their daily finances Brock and his wife are one of those couples that do everything together. This works for their family. They management their money like a family style dinner; they lay everything out on the table and each person grabs a piece of the pie. “We handle our finances together, putting all our money into one big pot.”

Brock loves writing for Clever Dude because he likes having a place for readers to give him advice and give advice to each other. He shares ideas on how to improve personal finances and readers also share their own tips on how to improve family finances.

Set financial goals as a couple

Over the last few years Brock and his wife have changed their financial priorities from short term to long term goals. “We’ve shifted from budgeting just to get to the next pay paycheck, to a more long term focus,” says Brock. Brock and his wife have a monthly spending plan that includes saving for retirement and building their emergency savings fund.

Brock and his wife admit to being selfish with their money. In the world of money this is a good thing. “We’re putting an emphasis on analyzing whether a purchase would bring a high level of value and enjoyment to our lives before we part with our money,” says Brock about their money management style.

Respect each other’s decisions

Brock and his wife don’t disagree on money very often because over the years they adapted their money management style together.

The couple usually disagrees about spending money only when they both want something at the same time. Not all items can fit into their budget in the same month, but the couple doesn’t let their individual indulgences come between them.

“I will defer my want in favor of hers,” says Brock. “I don’t mind waiting another week or two for what I want if it means making her happy. Happy wife, happy life!” says Brock about the secret to a happy marriage.

Clever Dude’s advice for newlyweds

There are a million and one ways to handle finances. Brock’s best advice for couples is to “talk about it and figure out what is going to work for you as a couple.”

Couples need to give themselves time to perfect a system that works for their lifestyle. “As you settle into your lives together you’ll need to make some tweaks,” says Brock. “Be patient, and work diligently on your finances together,”  he says. “If you can figure out how to handle your finances as a married couple you’ll remove a huge stress on your relationship!”

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