Girls, Get Saving! Blogger interview with Ginger from Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

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Historically, women have been in the home taking care of the family while men have been out in the working world making money, but Ginger from Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is here to tell us that times are changing.

Ginger is the founder and owner of the popular women’s focused personal finance blog Girls Just Wanna Have Funds.  She started blogging in 2003, but didn’t always write about money. In 2007 Ginger started blogging about personal finance because she wanted to connect with other women who struggled with understanding their own money.  “I think we have a unique perspective, and I wanted that voice to be heard,” says Ginger about her motivation to start blogging about money.

The importance of women having a voice

Ginger says that the social aspect of meeting new people and spreading the word about financial responsibility is one of the most rewarding things about owning a blog.  “I enjoy helping women break financial ceilings thereby helping them realize financial freedom,” says Ginger. And she has done just that – Girls Just Wanna Have Funds has been featured on several popular media outlets such as MSNBC, Wall Street Journal and US News.  “I’ve met some great people via the blog and I’ve worked with the media on various projects.  Readers always remind me why I blog about this topic.”

Women are generally very driven to being caretakers when it comes to raising a family, and unfortunately financial issues often take a back seat; however, this doesn’t have to be the case according to Ginger.  Women don’t have to choose between making money and taking care of a family – we can find the perfect balance with a little bit of planning and a whole lot of energy.

“We are expected to opt out (of the workforce) and take care of the kids as well as aging parents when they become ill.  For that reason, we have to make sure that we’re making good decisions, not only around retirement, but in life partners as well our kids,” says Ginger about finding a balance between family and career.

Save money without depriving yourself

Ginger says that it’s important for women to find a balance between saving for our personal goals and enjoying the fruits of our labor.  “There are times when I splurge and regret it.  I’m human and it happens, but it doesn’t get out of hand.”

Ginger tries to stick to her budget which keeps her on track towards her personal goals – both spending and saving. Her personal motto is to “focus on living your best life regardless of your current situation.  Focus on the steps needed to move forward, and don’t look back except to learn the lessons.  Once you learn the lesson, then you’re destined not to repeat the same mistakes.”

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