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Words of Encouragement from our Big Winners

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One question we sometimes hear from our members is, “do people actually win the big prizes on SaveUp?” For those who’ve only won credits or smaller amounts of money so far, we hope you don’t give up! This blog post is dedicated to spreading the word of our big winners to help encourage our members. We recently reached out to a few of our big winners and asked them to share their insight!

Winner Wednesday: Saving Money to Rule the World

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saveup-stacheIntroducing Ben H., an attorney from Michigan, who signed up for SaveUp through his credit union, Michigan State University Federal Credit Union. Ben was the winner of our $500 Holiday Charity Drawing, and thanks to him, the Wounded Warrior Project received a $2,500 donation from SaveUp!

A little background on Ben

Ben grew up in Michigan and currently lives in Rochester with his wife and two kids, where he is a practicing attorney. After his second child was born in late 2012, the costs of childcare put a strain on his family’s finances. “What brought me to SaveUp was that our budget took a bit of a hit when [our daughter] started at daycare, says Ben. “Our daycare bill is more than our mortgage payment.”

Winner Wednesday: Because Winning is Awesome

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The worst mistake in personal finance is not having a plan. Here are a few SaveUp winners who are having fun as they set financial goals and achieve them:

“I love SaveUp and play everyday! Thanks so much!”Virgen C. won a contribution to her wedding fund.

SaveUp gives me attainable goals and makes me feel like I can actually get out of debt. I don’t feel helpless about money anymore. Also, winning is awesome! ”Owen J. won Cash for Holiday Expenses.

“I like the extra nudge and information I get to make better financial choices. It makes saving more fun! Thanks.” Sue K. won a Donation to Charity of Your Choice.

Winner Wednesday: Little Changes, Big Difference

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matt-sWe’re back with another Winner Wednesday post. Here are a few of our recent winners who shared a little bit about their SaveUp experience and financial goals:

“Learning to save money and getting rewarded for it. What could be better?” – Matt S. won a savings deposit.

“Words cannot describe just how much I LOVE SaveUp. This site has been so helpful in not only helping me see all my balances in one place but making me really see all my balances. I see how all the little changes make a big difference. I am, for the first time in my adult life, on my way to financial freedom, and away from a life of debt! Thank you SO much SaveUp!!!” – Deborah P. won the Bill Payment. 

Winner Wednesday: A Fun Twist

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scot-wHappy hump day! Need a little extra encouragement this week? A few of our recent winners share about their financial goals and how SaveUp is helping them stay focused:

“SaveUp is my daily reminder to be cognizant of both my spend and saving habits – thanks so much, SaveUp!” – Scot W. won a debt payment.

“SaveUp is great in helping me keep track over all of my accounts. Plus the chances to win add a fun twist!” – Joe won a Debt Payment.

“Woot! Playing daily and keeping track of your finances is the best way to play. I have seen both an increase in my savings accounts and credit score from using SaveUp. The more you save, the more you can play to win!” – Chris R. won a Savings Deposit.

Winner Wednesday: Positive Progress

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How often do you look at your finances? Unfortunately, most Americans only take a good look at their finances a couple times a year. Here are a few SaveUp members who are tracking their financial progress and having fun:

“SaveUp is fantastic! This is a great program that helps me keep track of all of my accounts at once.” – Danielle L. won a savings deposit.

“This site is great. It’s full of great tips, and I love the savings challenges. My goal is to be debt free as soon as possible. The money I have won is extra money I can use to pay off my debt sooner.” – Elizabeth F. won the utility bill payment.

Winner Wednesday: Eyes on the Prize

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Do you have any secrets to staying motivated as you work towards your financial goals? Here are a few recent SaveUp winners who are staying on track and getting that extra bit of motivation with SaveUp:

“SaveUp is a fun way to track your finances and watch your savings grow. The occasional reward is a nice extra!” – Lisa V. won cash towards her home down payment.

“SaveUp helps me keep my goals in front of me. I am better organized and can keep my eyes on the prize!” – Becky won cash towards her bills.

Winner Wednesday: Learning to Save

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diana-mA big thanks to SaveUp member Diana for sending us this lovely photo of herself with her prize. Happy Winner Wednesday!

“I play everyday I can, and love this program whether I win or not. It is a great tool to learn to save and pay down my debt! I hope everyone who has a financial account will join!” – Diana M. won a deposit to her rainy day fund.

“SaveUp is really great and keeps me on top of my spending and encourages saving. The games and prizes are the extra bonuses that keep me motivated and coming back every day!” – Margarita B. won the Spa Finder Gift Card.

Winner Wednesday: A Daily Habit

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Make checking your finances a fun daily habit with SaveUp. Yes, personal finance can be fun! Here are a few recent SaveUp winners who are getting rewarded for their good financial choices:

“SaveUp is a fun way to track my goals!” – Jennifer L. won some cash.

“SaveUp turns personal finance into a daily habit! It helps me know where I’m at in my ultimate goal of financial independence.”  – Di L. won the Gift Card of his choice.

“It’s always nice to log into SaveUp to see how much debt I have been paying off. It encourages me to keep saving and pay down my debt further.” – Chau B. won Back to School Supplies.

Winner Wednesday: Off to a Good Start

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We’re back with some more Winner Wednesday inspiration! Here’s a bit about our recent winners, and how they’re using SaveUp to achieve their financial goals. Congrats to Jade for winning one of our recent drawing prizes, and thanks for the photo!

“SaveUp is an awesome, fun way to keep track of your finances. Love this site – thank you!” – Jade P. won a Visa gift card.

“It is always nice to see how much money I have saved and debt that has been paid off. An added bonus is that I can win prizes. I check SaveUp every morning to get my day off to a good start. Thank you.” – Lucian P. won cash towards a new car.