Infographic: Saving Money in College with Financial Aid Options

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Furthering your education after high school can be costly; thankfully, there are many financial aid options you can take advantage of to minimize your school expenses. Make sure you inform yourself about all the different opportunities available to you, even the less known ones like local or charitable institutions. As Carrington College explains in their breaking down financial aid guide, you can receive scholarships, college grants, or student loans from:

Five Basic Tips to Saving Money on a Daily Basis

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As you take over your own financial world, there are big picture items like saving in your employer sponsored 401k and more basic things you can do on a daily basis. As your overall independence grows it is important you take a more and more active role. You have to stop wondering where your money went and instead control the places you send it.  While big decisions matter, small ones add up.dollars

5 Financial Goals That Must Make Your Resolution List

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List of New Year's 2017 Resolutions to improve personal finances, retirement plan, pay off credit cards, create a budget, and save more money. Party horn blower, Christmas ornaments, streamers, and snowflake ornament add festive feel to this image. Shot in studio with Canon 5D Mark II DSLR camera.

Every New Year brings another round of resolutions that probably see a slow demise by the end of January. However, if there is one resolution you must stick to this new year, then it should be in the financial segment. Retirement planning, social security, etc., are things you must not take lightly. Let us look at 5 financial goals that you should make in 2017:

Secrets for Saving Money From Successful Entrepreneurs

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Everyone wants to save money and there are countless ways to do it. Perhaps the most knowledgeable type of people who have the best money saving tips are entrepreneurs. Many of them are successful business people who started at the bottom and built themselves up with the resources they had.

These tips aren’t your old-fashioned clip coupons advice. Instead, here are some real secrets from successful entrepreneurs on saving money.

4 Easy Tips To Help You Start Investing

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business-money-pink-coinsMany people delay or choose not to invest because it seems too overwhelming. Investing doesn’t have to be difficult, and it’s one of the simplest ways to build your wealth. With the help of websites like Personal Capital, and their free financial software and app, you can prepare yourself to take the first dive into the investment pool. Below are some tips and basic steps for the beginner investor.