The Money Tree, by N.A. Turner

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As a SaveUp user, you are keen on managing your finances well. You probably draw from various tips provided to you to make this happen. Usually these are actionable, non-fiction articles and tips. This post is different. In this short fictional story from Turnerstories.com, the protagonist learns important lessons about money, debt, and greed.

Have you ever dreamed about having a money tree in your garden? What would you do with such a fortune?

The man in the story could not believe his luck as he found out one morning a money tree was growing in his garden. Coming from a poor background, his life changes dramatically. What would he do with his new found fortune? You can find out in The Money Tree.

5 Summer Reads

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Whether you are at the beach, on vacation, or at a local swimming pool, bring along a financial book to educate yourself as you relax in the sunshine! We have found 5 books from LearnVest (under $20) that we know you’ll be thankful you read this summer:

$15.59 – When to Rob a Bank … and 131 More Warped Suggestions and Well-Intended Rants (May 2015) by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. This book offers great wit and humor while using basic economic principles to answer off-beat questions.

Why do People Keep Playing the Lottery?

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Why do people keep playing the lottery with headlines that read, “Why Lottery Winners Crash After a Big Win,” and “5 Real People whose Lives Were Ruined by Winning the Lottery,” it is a wonder why the lottery is so popular. The majority of lottery winners do not find greater happiness, or even the financial independence they thought winning the lottery would bring. It turns out your really can’t buy happiness, and life gets much more complicated with the press wanting stories, everyone coming out of the woodwork seeking money, and suddenly you don’t know who your real friends are.

This Week’s 5 Best Freebies from Around the Web

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Since I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like free stuff, I figured that I would share all of the best free offers on the web available right now. This week’s free offers range from burgers to books to magazines to video games and more!

1. Free Shoprunner membership or extension for AMEX cardholders


Shoprunner is a company that provides Free 2-Day shipping on thousands of brands at great stores including GNC, BrooksBrothers, SportsAuthority, Drugstore and many more. You even get free Domino’s delivery, which I’m very jealous of since I don’t have an AMEX card. This is a no-brainer if you’re an AMEX cardholder because there is no commitment, no recurring membership and you get free, faster shipping. New members sign up here, existing members login to ShopRunner.com and the top of your screen will load with the offer.

The Sequester in a Nutshell

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sequester-in-a-nutshellIf you’ve taken a look at recent news headlines, chances are you’ve seen the word “sequester” in a number of them. According to this article from the Washington Post, most Americans have no idea what this actually means, despite the flood of articles on the subject: “Less than one in five (18 percent) in the Post-Pew poll say they understand “very well” what would happen if the sequester went into effect.”

So what is the sequester?

Here’s an explanation in a nutshell. The term “sequestration” for our intents and purposes refers to the series of automatic cuts to government spending set to start tomorrow, March 1st. These spending cuts total at $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years, and are estimated to affect between $44 billion and $85 billion of federal spending this year. 

How to Read an Account Statement

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We are often bombarded with account-related mail and paperwork. Even if you opt for e-delivery, it isn’t always clear what information is being delivered. It can feel overwhelming when it’s unclear what these documents mean and how we should handle them. Today, we’ll examine an account statement (this could be a brokerage account or 401(k) etc.) and highlight the pertinent information you should look for.

A Glowing Review of Marketplace Money

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Last week, I wrote a post about the movie “Maxed Out.”  This got me thinking about financial media generally and one one of my favorite podcasts, in particular. I like these types of resources because they offer a larger perspective and context for our personal financial decisions.

Marketplace Money with Tess Vigeland is one of my favorite personal finance podcasts. They cover a wide array of topics, including the Middle East, sustainability, culture and technology: everything from macro-economic trends to FICO score minutia. I’d say that’s thorough!