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How to Be Savvy About Your Budget for Marketing and Promotion

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Picture1Who here would love to work for themselves one day? Does it seem an impossible pipe dream filled with financial woe and complication? Whether you’re looking to own your own business or you’re in charge of a marketing budget for someone else, it’s not impossible to make your marketing and promotion budget stretch without compromising quality, ROI, or engagement. By being savvy with what you have, you can impress your boss or even become your own.

Trading Online can be a Great Part-Time Money Maker

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Even if you have a full-time job, you’ll undoubtedly be looking at ways to make some extra money, if needed. The cost of living is no joke, and a second income can help one make ends meet.

It’s certainly difficult to pay off a loan, purchase a much-needed car, and build an emergency fund all at the same time. There are a number of worthwhile second income opportunities available, and a good idea is to find something that you actually enjoy doing. Online trading is becoming hugely popular due to the advantages gained by new traders. It’s not an overnight transition to finding your pot of gold because there are risks and costs involved. In fact, many new traders experience losing trades at some time. To make money trading online, you need to focus on avoiding risky trades, and a trustworthy broker can help with maximizing your overall earnings.

How to Make Every House Flip Profitable

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According to RealtyTrac, house flippers generated an average gross return of 30 percent in the first quarter of 2014. In 2013, more than 156,000 homes were flipped. Such startling figures may entice you to look for your slice of the pie as well, and you may be ready to look for a house to flip. After all, there are numerous house flipping shows on TV that make this process look easy. However, there are considerable risks associated with flipping houses. The greatest risk relates to significant financial loss, and there are many aspects of the process that can impact your profitability. If you’re preparing to flip a home, you can ensure profitability by following a few steps.

Real Estate – Is it Really a Good Choice for Your Retirement Income?

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Would you say real estate is a good form of investment? Well, it depends. Many people have managed to build a very comfortable lifestyle with their real estate portfolio, although some have lost everything they had because they don’t know how the market works. It takes a lot of intuition, knowledge, gut, and skill to be able to make a living with real estate.

Why Startups Need Financial Planning

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Having a startup company means that a lot of planning is necessary to ensure the success and growth of the company. It’s not something that you can easily get into and expect great results. It requires planning, deciding risks, choosing the correct path to success, financial planning, etc. Without proper financial planning, your company is doomed to fail. If you plan on having a startup company, it’s obvious that you don’t have a lot of funds to pour into the company constantly. This is the reason you’ll need financial planning. You’ll need to figure out the expected profit and the amount of money you’ll put into this company. After that, you’re on the path to launch it! Let’s see why startups need financial planning.

7 Ways to Start Earning a Secondary Income

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Whether you’re hoping to pay the bills or have a little more spending money, finding a second source of income can have several advantages. However, finding a reliable source of secondary income that fits with your current schedule can be challenging. When looking for ways to earn a little money on the side, it’s important that you find jobs that are flexible, trouble-free, and can build on your current skillsets. Here are six great sources of secondary income that will allow you to stash a little more cash in each month.

5 Ways to Improve the Alliance between Finance and Marketing

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marketingFor many years, it has been assumed that the team members of a marketing team are creative individuals who have no consideration for finance and budgets. It has also been assumed that the members of the finance team are only concerned for making drastic budget cuts, and reducing the budgets of other teams to the bare minimum. These assumptions can make any kind of working relationship between the finance team and the marketing team difficult and tenuous.  However, for any business to be successful then there needs to be an alliance between the two teams.  Marketing is becoming a more and more important focus for many businesses, and even small businesses should have a marketing budget. Therefore, marketing and finance need to encourage an alliance to the benefit of the business. There are five key ways in which this relationship can be improved.