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Trading Online can be a Great Part-Time Money Maker

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Even if you have a full-time job, you’ll undoubtedly be looking at ways to make some extra money, if needed. The cost of living is no joke, and a second income can help one make ends meet.

It’s certainly difficult to pay off a loan, purchase a much-needed car, and build an emergency fund all at the same time. There are a number of worthwhile second income opportunities available, and a good idea is to find something that you actually enjoy doing. Online trading is becoming hugely popular due to the advantages gained by new traders. It’s not an overnight transition to finding your pot of gold because there are risks and costs involved. In fact, many new traders experience losing trades at some time. To make money trading online, you need to focus on avoiding risky trades, and a trustworthy broker can help with maximizing your overall earnings.

Smart Investments to Make for Your Retirement Portfolio

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Making smart investment decisions in your younger years can have a direct link to how you live life through your retirement. Your retirement portfolio should manifest the lifestyle preferences and basic needs you’ll need to account for later on. While it takes astute investing experience and time to build a successful portfolio that manages to achieve such goals, a good retirement portfolio is certainly within reach. Here are three smart investments to start today. 

4 Easy Tips To Help You Start Investing

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business-money-pink-coinsMany people delay or choose not to invest because it seems too overwhelming. Investing doesn’t have to be difficult, and it’s one of the simplest ways to build your wealth. With the help of websites like Personal Capital, and their free financial software and app, you can prepare yourself to take the first dive into the investment pool. Below are some tips and basic steps for the beginner investor.

4 Better Things to Do With Your Savings

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Most people have a savings account. They dutifully put money from each paycheck away every month, saving for that rainy day that they hope will not come. Eventually they realize that they have enough money to pay for a rainy month sitting in that account.

The current numbers aren’t good. If your money is sitting in a savings account then you are likely losing money once inflation is calculated in. Interest rates are at historic lows and savers are just not being rewarded the way they used to be.

Here are 5 better things you could be doing with that money. Please note that it is always recommended that you have an easily accessible rainy day fund, this advice is for those with excessive savings.

Structured Product Investing: How do kick-out plans work?

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Structured Product is an umbrella term for a range of investments which place the investor’s money in a set of derivatives for a fixed term (usually 5-6 years) and which come with pre-defined risks and returns. In practice, structured products come in many different forms, making them suitable for those with both a low and high tolerance of risk. The biggest defining feature for risk is whether the product is a structured deposit or a structured investment.

5 Ways to Better Utilize Your Savings

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There are some people who thrive on saving. They enjoy putting a dollar in their piggy bank far more than spending it. They spend hours researching the best places to put their money. They seem to live to save. Maybe you are one of these people; more likely you are not. But whether saving comes easy for you or it’s a struggle to save each penny, where you invest your money and how you help it to grow is the next most important thing after how much you save.

Here are five ways that you can better utilize the money that you save, growing it for the future:

Double Your Money: Investing

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2centsIt’s interesting to take a great look at saving and what it would be like if you doubled your money everyday. By taking one penny the first day, doubling it the next day, and continuing this process for 30 more days, that penny would eventually have grown to over $20 million.

Of course this type of investment is just hypothetical as stated in the article, but the application to real life is not. Having a compounding and incremental investment would add onto your old interest before calculating new interest. The more often your investment compounds, the faster it will grow. To help it grow even more, you need to be adding to it regularly. One of the main and most important points of this article is to save first and spend later.

What My Vacation to Panama Taught Me About Market Fluctuations

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Earlier this year I visited Panama. It was a fantastic place to vacation. Beautiful beaches, interesting wildlife, lush mountains and great food. I also visited the Panama canal. It celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. Seeing this amazing engineering feat firsthand raised more questions than answers for me. I was fascinated by all the decisions and challenges that went into making the canal a reality. It turns out, Panama’s history, both recent and past, gives us interesting perspective on market fluctuations.

Teachers: Personal Finance for your Classroom

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Summer is coming to a close and school is back in session. This return to the classroom was the inspiration for this post. I first heard of some of the resources and statistics, mentioned here, this summer at a financial planning conference organized by The Garrett Planning Network, of which I’m a member. This is a group of fee-only planners who are, “making competent, objective financial advice accessible.” When I heard about resources for teachers I was excited to share them!

Literally Green Investing: The Legislation of Marijuana has Changed that Commodities’ Investment Landscape

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mjThe legalization of marijuana in some states has brought many news headlines; from the girl scout in San Francisco who had successful cookie sales in front of a pot dispensary, to marijuana tourism in Colorado. I think the impact the legalization of marijuana on investment options is an interesting and evolving topic. Let’s take a look…