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Blogger Interview with Martin from Studenomics

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If you think that students can’t make good investments, Martin from Studenomics, is here to set the record straight. Martin doesn’t believe that students have to be broke. No Ramen noodles and five roommates in a three bedroom apartment for Martin. His college experience was very different – he actually bought his first home as a college student. Martin tells us all about it in his blog. Studenomics is a personal finance blog for 20-somethings that preaches the fact that anyone can afford to have the lifestyle they want with a little bit of planning, some motivation, and a really good budgeting calculator.

Exclusive: Ryan Guina from Cash Money Life

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Are you in college and want to know what to expect in the real world after graduation, or are you in the middle of your career and looking to make a change? Have no fear, Ryan Guina is here.  Guina created his blog, Cash Money Life, in 2007 as a personal journal to write about personal finance and career topics. He is also the owner and creator of The Military Wallet where he writes about military and veterans benefits. Why the difference in topics you ask? Guina served six years in the U.S. Air Force before settling down with his wife in the greater Chicago area. He writes about what he knows and shares his personal experiences. offers great career and small biz advice for all ambitious people from college students to mid-level professionals who are thinking about making a career change. We sat down with Guina to get some one-on-one career and money advice.

Interview with Stefanie at The Broke and Beautiful Life

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“One important thing I’ve learned is that there’s almost always a cheaper way to do something.”

Who says you can’t be fabulous on a dime? Not Stefanie O’Connell. She is a New York City girl who is trying to live her dream of being an actress in the big city on a starving artists’ budget. Do you want to know how she’s doing it? Here’s a hint – with a little bit of budgeting and a whole lot of hard work she’s doing it beautifully.

O’Connell stared  her blog The Broke and Beautiful Life two years ago after realizing that her dream job of being an actress wouldn’t pay all of the expenses that come with living in the big apple. “Even when I was working full time, (acting) didn’t provide enough of an income to fund the lifestyle and dreams I wanted to pursue,” says O’Connell.

The Money Chat: Interview with Lauren from I Am That Lady

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College degree, love of your life, buy a house and have a kid.  That’s how it goes right – your life plan? Well throw in a dog with three more children and you have Lauren from I Am That Lady. Providing a home and managing a budget for a family of six can be difficult at times. How does she do it? With the support of her husband.

Blogger Interview with David Ning from Money Ning

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Have you ever had a great idea and thought to yourself, WOW that would make a great business? I’m sure you have. We sat down with personal finance blogger David Ning from and got the scoop on how he turned his blog into his full time business. Follow his simple advice to start your business and achieve financial freedom.

A great business isn’t always planned

“Starting wasn’t totally planned,” says Ning. He was thinking about starting an online journal to write about his everyday life, including his money, his career and his family. It didn’t start out being focused on personal finance.

Blogger Interview: Todd Tresidder of Financial Mentor

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Todd Tresidder started his website Financial Mentor in 1998 after retiring from his 9 to 5 job. People were curious about his story. They wanted to know how Tresidder could afford to retire at such a young age. People were asking questions and Tresidder quickly realized they weren’t asking the right ones. This opened the door for Tresidder to start a new venture – coaching services to help people reach their own financial independence.

Teach your kids about money: Blogger interview with Abby Freedman Perry

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“Be patient: Savings add up,” says Abby Freedman Perry of I Pick Up Pennies. Perry started reading personal finance blogs after her mom, Donna Freedman, started writing for MSN Money. You may remember that we interviewed Donna a few weeks ago.

Perry started her blog to give a voice to “normal” people. People who aren’t rich and people who aren’t financially perfect. She speaks for women and couples who are just trying to get by – and may need a little bit of help along the way. These are her tips on how to enjoy a happy financial life with any income.

My Money, Your Money, Our Money: Interview with Jeff Rose

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” I want my kids to have positive money habits as they grow up.  I realize that they’re only going to adopt those habits if I teach them.” – Jeff Rose

Jeff Rose is a financial planner by day and one half of a successful online entrepreneurship by night.  Mandy Rose is his wife and business partner. You may remember we featured her story a few weeks ago.  This is the other side of the Rose Family story.