Infographic: Saving Money in College with Financial Aid Options

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Furthering your education after high school can be costly; thankfully, there are many financial aid options you can take advantage of to minimize your school expenses. Make sure you inform yourself about all the different opportunities available to you, even the less known ones like local or charitable institutions. As Carrington College explains in their breaking down financial aid guide, you can receive scholarships, college grants, or student loans from:

Infographic: Debt Rubber – Loan Forgiveness

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Once you’re done with your studies, you are required to pay back the amount of money you took out in loans to fund your education. Student loans have been weighing people down under the burden of debt for decades now, if not longer. People are forced towards extreme options, such as bankruptcy or selling off their valuable possessions when they can’t find other ways to get out of their debt.

What a lot of people don’t know is that there are various loan forgiveness and relief options, such as student loan forgiveness programs that can potentially help them in forgiving part—or all—of their federal loans. However, there are eligibility conditions and other terms which are applicable to these forgiveness and relief programs.

Infographic: The Stats Behind the American Dream of Winning the Lottery

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According to this infographic from Mint, there’s a high chance that you’ve played the lottery before–approximately half of Americans have played at least once. But what are the actual odds of winning?

Mint says that you’re more likely to die from a bee sting than win the lottery. Feeling a little deflated? Not to worry! You can play for SaveUp’s $2 million jackpot for free. And wouldn’t it feel so much better to win a jackpot for saving money and paying off your debt?

Infographic: The $849,000 Disadvantage of Being Female

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Men are saving more than twice as much as women, according to our March Data Report, “Study finds American women need to ‘lean in’ financially.” The data shows that men are saving more aggressively for retirement, and that women may not be as financially prepared for the future as they should or could be. While there are structural factors, like income inequality, behavioral factors are a major issue too.

On top of that, this infographic based on our data report as well as a Daily Finance article, shows that women are already at a $849,000 disadvantage because of other factors like longer expectancy and higher costs of long-term care among others.

So what can we do about it? Take a look at our tips at the bottom for women to “lean in” financially and make sure we set our goals high!

Infographic: Valentine’s Day – The Economics of Love

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Planning a romantic night out with your honeybun this Valentine’s Day? You may want to reconsider doling out the gifts after reading some of these numbers. Save that cash instead–it may seem minimal now, but it’ll add up! Want to win a trip for you and your loved one for free? Play for the $5k Romantic Getaway on SaveUp and treat yourself without spending a cent.

Infographic: Super Bowl 2013 – Saving vs. Spending

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It’s almost game time! US spending for Super Bowl 2013 is estimated at $11 billion. The average Super Bowl party host spends $118, but saving and investing just half of that every year can add up to almost $37,000 in Nike stock. If you’re hosting a party for the big game, you might want to take a look at these numbers before you buy supplies.

Our infographic has tips to help you save some of your planned party spend and save or invest instead. You can start tracking your savings and spending at SaveUp and even win prizes for your smart financial choices. For more tips to save money on your Super Bowl party, check out our recent blog post.

Infographic: The Most Common & Commonly-Broken New Year’s Resolutions

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The New Year is almost here–are you ready for 2013? If you’ve got a New Year’s Resolution in mind, don’t let it fizzle after a few weeks! This infographic has some interesting statistics about the most popular resolutions as well as some tips to stay on track.

One of the top resolutions is to improve your finances, which can seem a little daunting. We’re having a No Spend Challenge for the month of January on SaveUp to help you stick to your financial resolutions! Our blog post has the details.