5 Benefits of Having a Home Protection Plan

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Purchasing a home will most likely be the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and one you’ll be paying money into many years down the road. As a homeowner, you’ll find yourself responsible for maintaining numerous functions of your house, which can be both costly and time consuming. A home protection plan is an essential component to home-ownership, and one that will not only give you peace of mind and make owning a home less stressful, but also save you money over the years. Here are five benefits of having a home protection plan:

Cash is not king – A sneak peek at payment trends in the US

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Cards and Cash

The inspiration to write this article comes from a piece on SaveUp which pertains to expenditure patterns over the holiday period which indicated an over-reliance on the use of plastic money. This article sparked off a stream of thought and resulted in the following questions –

  • 1. What if an over-reliance on credit cards isn’t just a seasonal thing?
  • 2. What if this occurrence is just an amplification of what is the norm for the new spending culture in the United States of America?

Is Retirement Realistic?

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The so called “retirement age” of 65 as set by the Baby Boomer generation is becoming less of a reality for many people in the current generation. However, before you put too much stock into this dream of a retirement, you must remember that this was truly only the “retirement age” for one generation!

With the help of government who directly benefited from creating a myth about retirement, Baby Boomers did such a great job of advertising a lifestyle in which you went to college, worked for around 40 years with the same company and retired at age 65 with all of your needs met during and after employment. If the movement towards 1099 employees and less health insurance for employees by corporations is any indication, you can bet that the pensions of workers from Wal-Mart and Target will be in trouble as well.

4 Simple Ways to Travel More

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Do you love traveling? Do you daydream about swimming with sharks in South Africa, seeing the Great Wall of China or visiting the pyramids in Egypt? Don’t worry lots of people do. As a financial planner, people always tell me that traveling is one of their goals, but very few think they can afford it.  I’m here to tell you that everyone can afford to travel, all you need is a budget.