Recognizing the Difference between Secured Debt and Unsecured Debt

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Secured debt and unsecured debt: have now, pay later.

The US economy relies heavily on the use of debt by consumers, so businesses use loans and lines-of-credit to entice customers and enable them to purchase their goods. Due to the cost of certain items, such as houses and vehicles, consumer debt is almost always a factor for buyers making certain purchases. For the most part, the use of debt works out fine for both parties in a transaction. However, with so much debt in use, there are countless situations where a loan goes awry. The nature of debt, either secured or unsecured, becomes a factor in resolving problems.

How to Make the Most of Your Retirement Portfolio

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If you want to make the most of a retirement portfolio, you need to research the things wealthy people do to maintain their wealth. When planning for retirement, wealthy people usually hire a first-rate financial advisor. The well-to-do surround themselves with people that help them make money. Simply put, you must develop a long-term financial strategy for your long-term life goals. Use these steps when planning for your retirement and deciding how to buy and invest.

Real Estate – Is it Really a Good Choice for Your Retirement Income?

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Would you say real estate is a good form of investment? Well, it depends. Many people have managed to build a very comfortable lifestyle with their real estate portfolio, although some have lost everything they had because they don’t know how the market works. It takes a lot of intuition, knowledge, gut, and skill to be able to make a living with real estate.


Hidden Costs Associated with Buying a House

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Buying a home is, by all accounts, a major financial move. While it can be beneficial for your long-term financial health to contribute money to equity growth rather than to throw money away with a rental payment each month, buying a house should nonetheless be done with great care and planning. This will ensure that you properly manage your finances and make a wise financial decision. You may think that the primary cost associated with buying a house relates to the down payment, and it’s true that the down payment is often a major factor to budget for. However, when you learn more about the hidden costs of buying a house, you will be able to better plan your finances as you begin your home-buying journey. This will ensure that you properly manage your budget throughout the process.

Tips for Moving On a Tight Budget

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Moving day is not really something most people get super excited about. Although moving is usually the start of a new, exciting phase of life, moving day requires a lot of hard work, hassle, headache, and especially, expense. Moving can get really expensive if you’re not careful, but if you’re smart, it doesn’t have to be. Here are some proven cost-saving tips to help you make your next move your cheapest one yet.

Why Startups Need Financial Planning

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Having a startup company means that a lot of planning is necessary to ensure the success and growth of the company. It’s not something that you can easily get into and expect great results. It requires planning, deciding risks, choosing the correct path to success, financial planning, etc. Without proper financial planning, your company is doomed to fail. If you plan on having a startup company, it’s obvious that you don’t have a lot of funds to pour into the company constantly. This is the reason you’ll need financial planning. You’ll need to figure out the expected profit and the amount of money you’ll put into this company. After that, you’re on the path to launch it! Let’s see why startups need financial planning.

Five Basic Tips to Saving Money on a Daily Basis

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As you take over your own financial world, there are big picture items like saving in your employer sponsored 401k and more basic things you can do on a daily basis. As your overall independence grows it is important you take a more and more active role. You have to stop wondering where your money went and instead control the places you send it.  While big decisions matter, small ones add up.


7 Ways to Start Earning a Secondary Income

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Whether you’re hoping to pay the bills or have a little more spending money, finding a second source of income can have several advantages. However, finding a reliable source of secondary income that fits with your current schedule can be challenging. When looking for ways to earn a little money on the side, it’s important that you find jobs that are flexible, trouble-free, and can build on your current skillsets. Here are six great sources of secondary income that will allow you to stash a little more cash in each month.