SaveUp Aims to Provide Exceptional Support

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One of our main priorities at SaveUp is making sure our members’ needs are heard and met. We aim to provide exceptional support to those who request help with utilizing our app or website. Our Customer Support Team aims to stay personable, respectful, and professional. We’re happy with the feedback we’ve gotten from our members regarding our Support Team’s diligence. Below, we’ve included some feedback from our members who’ve been helped by a SaveUp Support Rep. These quotes have been taken from either a member’s direct correspondence with the Support Rep, or from their winner quote.

SaveUp’s Pinterest board featured by Event Manager Blog!

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Event Manager Blog recently published a new post on their blog, which includes a list of 100 must-follow Pinterest boards to inspire all event professionals! Whether you’re planning for a corporate event, need catering ideas to feed guests, or looking for invitation inspiration, this post provides it all.

SaveUp’s ‘Wedding On A Budget‘ board caught the eye of the Event MB Team! Our board was featured under ‘Budget Event Ideas Boards,’ listed at #37 of the 4-page list. The board includes advice for creating a wedding budget, the cutest–yet inexpensive–decor ideas, and how to save money towards wedding dresses, venues, wedding gifts, and more!

Saving Money In Online Shopping

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Most of the developed countries are now equipped with high-speed internet, which has given way for people to conduct a lot of their businesses online. Using the internet to conduct trade is a lot faster, efficient and trustworthy than traditional methods. This is the reason why online stores have gained a lot of momentum in the last decade, and many of the online stores are among the top ranked sites in the world. The stores are not just limited to selling electronics or clothes online, but grocery items and luxury items are just as much popular amongst online users as there are buyers for clothes and electronics.

Due to online selling business being at its highest point in recent years, people look forward to getting some savings just as they would in any regular brick and mortar store. When a customer gets a discount on a product or gets it at a bargain price, their shopping experience becomes more fruitful and interesting. A lot of consumers are looking for similar profits in these online stores, and if you are one of the customers who love to shop online, but still hasn’t figured out how to save money, then here are some ways for you to follow:

American Banker’s Association Features SaveUp in their New Article about Gamification

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In their recent article, the American Banker’s Association (ABA) introduces a new way financial institutions are making online banking more fun for their customers. The term is referred to as “gamification,” in which banks are using games and perks to add excitement to financial monitoring.

The article describes how big banks, such as USAA, Wells Fargo, and others, have jumped on the gamification bandwagon. When asked if smaller financial institutions have offered this exciting opportunity to their customers, ABA mentions SaveUp. The Executive Chairman of SaveUp explained to ABA in a recent interview that partnered financial institutions offer SaveUp as the rewards platform to their customers. Once signed up, customers earn rewards points when contributing to their savings and retirement accounts, as well as when paying down debt on loans and credit cards. After being rewarded for making smart financial decisions, customers can use the rewards points towards winning cash and prizes on the SaveUp site, which is made possible through SaveUp’s license as a sweepstakes in all 50 states.

How to Be Savvy About Your Budget for Marketing and Promotion

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Picture1Who here would love to work for themselves one day? Does it seem an impossible pipe dream filled with financial woe and complication? Whether you’re looking to own your own business or you’re in charge of a marketing budget for someone else, it’s not impossible to make your marketing and promotion budget stretch without compromising quality, ROI, or engagement. By being savvy with what you have, you can impress your boss or even become your own.

Thriving Teens: Helping Your Kids Get The Best Medical Care On A Budget

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As everyone living in the United States knows, medical care for acute, as well as chronic needs, can be expensive. From annual checkups and vaccinations to emergency care and surgeries, thousands of families across the country struggle to afford basic medical care for their teenagers. According to ThinkProgress, approximately 30% of Americans decide against getting health care because of their finances. Here are some ways that parents can help their teenagers stay healthy while still staying within their budgets.

How Not to Get Scammed: 3 Safety Rules for a Student Freelancer

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Freelance work is a great way for cash-strapped college students to earn funds to offset their educational and living expenses, and opportunities are abundant in today’s workforce. Gone are the days when students are limited to waiting tables and flipping burgers at a local fast food joint to make money. Changing dynamics and the advent of the Internet have created an array of positions for workers of various fields, particularly freelancers.

5 Sneaky Ways You Are Losing Money

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If you follow a budget or aim to save on a regular basis, chances are you’ve cut out expenses that slowly cost you money over time. You’ve probably asked for a lower APR on your credit cards, cut out cable, or reduced how many times you eat out every month. Unfortunately, there are probably still some ways you’re losing money that you don’t even realize.