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Save Money

  • Earn 1 credit for every:
  • $1 added to savings / 401K / IRA
  • $1 loan / mortgage payment
  • $2 credit card payment
  • $1 increase in checking account
    average daily balance over one month
  • Earn additional credits:
  • 200
    Link an account
    first five accounts
  • 30
    Answer a profile question
  • 30
    Watch an educational video
    after passing quiz

Win Prizes

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    Portia won Cash about 4 hours ago

    “Save up provides fun daily incentives to save money - helps me every day!”
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    Sarah P. won Cash Towards Your IRA or Roth IRA 1 day ago

    “Glad that I finally won something besides extra credits. :)”
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    Joe P. won Credit Card Payment 2 days ago

    “Awesome! Can't wait to win the next one.”
  • 8170bed2

    Joseph O. won Cash towards $5,000 Deposit to Savings - Mystery Pick 4 days ago

    “This site makes saving exciting, fun, and responsible. ”
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