“SaveUp makes paying your debts addictive and fun”

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Save Money

  • Earn 1 credit for every:
  • $1 added to savings / 401K / IRA
  • $1 loan / mortgage payment
  • $2 credit card payment
  • $1 increase in checking account
    average daily balance over one month
  • Earn additional credits:
  • 200
    Link an account
    first five accounts
  • 30
    Answer a profile question
  • 30
    Watch an educational video
    after passing quiz

Win Prizes

  • 24e995d5

    Rachel Q. won a Exclusive Deposit to Savings about 20 hours ago

    “SaveUp has been fantastic! It has been so rewarding to watch my debt decrease and my savings increase. Winning is just the icing on the cake!”
  • Missing thumb

    Eric B. won an Exclusive Deposit to Savings 2 days ago

    “Saveup is great! It is awesome to be rewarded for saving! ”
  • 63654860

    Brian S. won Cash towards $5,000 Cash 3 days ago

    “It has been great. First time winning any cash in months, but it's been super fun just playing and winning credits, too!”
  • 94d79bed

    Rose won an Exclusive Deposit to Savings 4 days ago

    “love it love it do it every day.”
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